You may have graduated and commissioned, but no matter how far you travel from the hills of Westwood, you will always be a member of the Bruin Battalion family. Our goal is to facilitate among UCLA’s Army ROTC alumni and with cadets, UCLA and the veteran community.

Keep in touch! If you are not currently on our email or mailing list, please fill out an Alumni Information Form. You’ll receive Hooah!, our quarterly newsletter (view back issues in the Library), as well as invitations to events such as our annual football tailgate.

In June, UCLA officially approved the formation of a support group dedicated to providing financial and volunteer support to UCLA’s three ROTC programs.  The UCLA ROTC Alumni Association was born and is now in the process of getting its operations established and welcoming new members.  If you are interested in becoming a member or in volunteering to serve as a Board Member or on a subcommittee, please contact Victoria Sanelli via email at or call our office for more information.

Download the UCLA ROTC Alumni Association Bylaws here.